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The Eviction Moratorium – What Landlords Should Know

This week in the Main Street Business Podcast Mat and Mark discuss a different perspective on the extension of the eviction ban. They cover some surprising statistics about how many landlords are really small business owners versus large corperations. This is not an episode you want to miss.In addition, they give some invaluable tips to landlords to help them keep up with their mortgages and potentially even avoid foreclosure. To read Mark Kohlers article on this topic visit: search for prior episodes or learn more visit:

Making the Most of the HSA & HRA – Game-Changing Health Care Strategies

Making the Most of the HSA & HRA – Game-Changing Health Care Strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Mark and Mat cover so many important items that every business owner should know. Don't miss this episode! To learn more or search for prior episodes visit:

Writing a Book – A Good Business Move?

Mark Kohler and Mat Sorensen have two special guests on this episode. They cover all of the facets of writing a book and how it can be a beneficial business move. They cover many of the struggles that come with writing a book as well as the significant rewards, both financially and emotionally. To get Jarom Bergeson's book click here: Why do Witches Wear Black? To get Kyle Mortensen's book click here: Mists of IgaTo learn more about the Main Street Business podcast, or get Mark or Mat's books visit:

3 Ways to Save Taxes As the Billionaires Do

Mark and Mat cover the three main concepts that billionaires Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, and Peter Theil use to save taxes and grow their wealth. They emphasize that although these concepts are used by billionaires, they are just as applicable AND accessible to the everyday American. Everyone hoping to build wealth NEEDS to understand these concepts and how they can be applied in their life and business. Learn more and listen to prior episodes at

Tax and Legal News: Bezos, Spears, Musk, Thiel

Mark and Mat cover some of the biggest topics in today's news cycle concerning tax and legal news. They break down the truth behind what percentage of taxes Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are actually paying. They cover all of the facts about Brittney Spears' current predicament and strategies to avoid a similar situation.  Lastly, they cover some interesting facts about taxpayers in the United States. To learn more or listen to previous episodes visit: 

President Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan Breakdown

Mark and Mat cover the ins and outs of President Biden's tax plan proposals. They break down some strategies to prepare for potential upcoming changes. Whether you are a high or low-income earner, be sure to catch this episode and begin preparing strategies that will work best for you and your financial goals. To learn more or listen to prior episodes, visit

1031 Exchange – Tips and Strategies to Save You Thousands

In this episode of Main Street Business, Mat and Mark cover some powerful strategies to help anyone who owns real estate. They cover the pros and cons of the 1031 exchange, a tax code that allows real estate investors to defer their taxes from a sale of a property to reinvest into a new property. They even cover strategies for those wanting to take advantage of this with their personal residence. To learn more, visit