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ALERT- READ FIRST! Update to Video content from New Bill: The (ERTC) Employee Retention Tax Credit now does not apply to the business owner and family members. This is terrible! So please note in the video that Mat and I discuss the option for business owners to use the ERTC and avoid the PPP if the PPP isn’t big enough. Consider this more carefully if you were counting family members in the equation. However, you can still use the ERTC for 3rd party employees (not family), but this is a major bummer in the detail of the CARES Act. Hang in there and we’ll keep you posted on further developments.Mark and Mat break down the new $484 billion Stimulus Package: Round 2 is here. What are you options? It’s not all about the PPP or a Stimulus check. Answering LIVE questions and helping business owners all over America. Learn more and sign up for weekly Free updates at