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Small businesses and entrepreneurs often neglect cybersecurity, because they assume it’s someone else’s problem, or their data is not worth stealing. But there are lots of reasons why cybersecurity should be priority number one for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Join Mark and Mat as they discuss the seven layers of cybersecurity with their special guest Scott Schober, Cyber Security Expert and President / CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a 44 year old New Jersey-based, family-owned company and leading provider of advanced wireless solutions and products for multi-national telecommunications and security markets around the world. Scott is also the author of “Hacked Again” which details his own experience being hacked and includes cybersecurity tips to help others not to fall victim to the same hacks. Recent media appearances include Good Morning America, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV. The Show will Broadcast LIVE this Wednesday, June 15th, at 12 noon MTN / 2:00 pm EST. You can listen in on the road at 646-668-8326 or listen in from your computer. More info at