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RYW 390 – How to get my PPP Loan Forgiven

Join Mark and Mat on their weekly podcast as they break down the current developments and strategies on receiving the SBA PPP Loan forgiveness. It is an ever changing landscape and every business owner needs to know the rules and procedures to better interact with their professionals and bankers to ultimately receive as much forgiveness as possible. […]

RYW 383- Surviving the Coronavirus as a Business Owner or Investor

Surviving the Coronavirus Financially as a Business or Investor. On this special episode of Refresh Your Wealth, Mark and Mat answer the questions that thousands of business owners are having dealing with these devastating times. Streaming on FB live Mat and Mark walk you through some specific strategies that could help your business stay afloat during […]

RYW 369 – Traveling Internationally and Investing Abroad – Part 2

Join Mark and Mat, with Special Guest Kristie Parker, for Part II about investing in property outside of the U.S. How to analyze the property, and most importantly the tax and legal practicalities and what to be aware of. For more information and to sign up for our newsletters visit:

RYW 358 – Creative Ways to Pay for College – Part 1

Join Mark and Mat as they talk about ways to pay for college including yourself, younger and older children, and tax incentives to pay for this enormous cost in your life. Later they will be covering financial aid, scholarships, and grants in part 2 of the radio show! For more information visit

RYW 357 – 5 Threats to Your Company Secrets

Your company secrets and client lists are sacred and critical to protect. Join Mark and Mat as they go through 5 threats that could ruin your business or your wealth. Plus, weekly tax and legal tips with a fun conversation. For more information visit

RYW 354 – The Game has Changed in Tax Planning

We are now seeing the actual impact of the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) on thousands of tax returns! Join Mark and Mat as they discuss the practical tax planning strategies that are evolving in 2019. They will also go over Mark’s new book “The Tax and Legal Playbook – The Game Has Changed […]

RYW 345 – When and How to Use SBA Loan Financing for Your Business

Join Mark and Mat as they discuss the SBA loan strategy with their special guest, Jonathan Morris. Jonathan goes into great detail about what SBA loans you should use and what to expect. Learn more about Jonathan and his business at Mark and Mat also share their weekly tax and legal tips to help you succeed in your American […]

RYW 333 – Practical Tips on Raising Money with Jamison Manwaring

Join Mark and Mat with regular tax and legal tips and discussion on raising capital for real estate and business deals. They will be joined by Jamison is the co-founder of Neighborhood Ventures and has used crowdfunding rules in Arizona to fund two multi-family real estate deals with over 100 investors in each. He is […]

RYW 331 – How to be Invisible with J.J. Luna

Join Mark and Mat and special guest JJ Luna, a privacy expert and author of the book “How to be Invisible”, 3rd Edition. This is a fascinating and extremely helpful topic to understand. JJ, an international privacy expert will tell stories and explain practical privacy strategies every American should know. For more information visit […]

RYW 329 – How to Build an App and Sell in the New Economy

As part of our Entrepreneur in the Trenches series Mat interviews Sonny Goodman who is a partner in Transform with celebrity trainers Chris and Heidi Powell. Chris and Heidi had a hit show on ABC called Extreme Weight Loss which ran for 5 seasons. The app is their effort to reach more people who want […]